PondCare Phosphate Test Kit

Model: AQ63L
H: 0"   W: 0"   Weight: 2lbs
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Slow the growth of algae in your pond with the PondCare Phosphate Test Kit. A high level of phosphates in pond waters leads to excess algae growth in your pond. The PondCare Phosphate Test Kit preforms 150 tests preventing your pond from becoming a green mess. Enjoy a beautiful pond setting all season with the PondCare Phosphate Test Kit. 


PondCare Phosphate Test Kit Features:

  • Monitor phosphates in water to prevent excess algae growth
  • Preforms 150 tests from 0-10 PPM phosphate levels
  • Simple, easy to use test


PondCare Phosphate Test Kit Specifications:

  • Test for excess phosphate levels in water

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