EasyPro Eco-Series Just-A-Falls Kit

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Enjoy the sound of water without all the hassle of pond maintenance with the EasyPro Eco-Series Just-A-Falls Kit. Perfect for any budget conscience do it yourselfer, the EasyPro Eco-Series Just-A-Falls Kit has everything you need to put together a waterfall and stream in your landscape.

The waterfall/stream portion of  this system is built the same as a normal water feature, however, the retention basin at the bottom is much easier and faster to build than a normal pond.  Since you simply need a reservoir to hold water in, you do not need any decorative shape or ledges built in.  Simply dig the hole, install liner, place vault in the hole and fill with rock or Res-Cubes (res-cubes sold separate).

Ideal for businesses and homeowners who want the sights and sounds of a waterfall but not the liability or maintenance associated with a pond!


EasyPro Eco-Series Just-A-Falls Kit Features:

  • 45 mil rubber liner
  • Liner underlayment
  • Eco-Series pump vault
  • Flexible PVC pipe
  • Eco-Series waterfall spillway
  • PVC glue
  • Continuous duty pump
  • Check valve assembly


Model Liner Tubing Spillway Stream
JAF5E 10' x 20' 1.5" x 25' 18" 7'
JAF6E 10' x 25' 1.5" x 25' 23" 12'
JAF7E 12' x 30' 2" x 25' 34" 15'
JAF8E 15' x 37' 2" x 33" 48" 20'

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