PFW Auto-Fill Valve

Model: CE-13822
H: 8"   W: 2"   Weight: 3lbs
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List Price: $39.99


Keep your mind at ease with the PFW Auto-Fill Valve. Install in your skimmer box, edge of your pond or fountain basin. The PFW Auto-Fill Valve or automatic water leveller will monitor your water level for you. Once the water lowers, the switch will start the water to refill your pond or fountain. Never worry about your water levels again!


PFW Auto-Fill Valve Features:

  • Regulates Water Level in Pond or Fountain
  • Replenishes Lost Water Automatically
  • Installs in Skimmer Box or at Pond's Edge
  • Can Be Mounted In Many Statuary Fountains


PFW Auto-Fill Valve Specifications:

  • Includes 1/4" -3/4" multi-hose adapter
  • Includes 25' of 1/4" vinyl tubing


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