Atlantic Big Bahama Skimmer

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Model: PS4600
H: 22"   W: 20"   Weight: 20lbs
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This Atlantic Water Garden skimmer-filter features innovative technology that provides the most complete skimmer filtration available. It allows you to locate your pump in the skimmer, removing it from the bottom of the pond making maintenance much easier and extending your pump's life. The skimming action of the "weir" door keeps your pond surface free of debris and allows you to "stir-up" settled debris from the pond floor so it can be drawn into the skimmer and other filtration components. This all assists in keeping your pond water healthy and crystal clear. 

This unit offers excellent function, acting as macrofilter that catches large & small debris. Its advanced design simplifies installation, reduces overall equipment and cost, greatly lowers routine maintenance and creates excellent water quality.

Place your submersible pump directly in the the skimmer to hide and protect your pump. You may also use an external pump which will simply require the plumbing from the intake side of the pump to be routed into the back of the skimmer where a submersible pump would be located.





  • Sturdy top lid supports natural rock camouflage and foot traffic
  • Heavy duty brush panel provides maximum surface area for mechanical filtration
  • Heavy duty stainless framed trap net for catching large debris
  • Rolled upper rim provides clean lines and incredible strength. (Models 4600, 4900, 7000, 9500)
  • Super flow weir door for maximum surface cleaning
  • Gatekeeper brush panel (sold seperately) allows leaves and debris to pass while restricting fish and frogs from entering the skimmer
  • High-density polyethylene shell for the ultimate in durability







W x D x H

Pump Flow


Sq. Ft.


Match to FilterFalls

PS 4600



2000-4000 gph


BF 1900

PS 4900



3000-5000 gph


BF1900 / BF2600

PS 7000



4000-7000 gph


BF 2600

PS 9500



6000-9000 gph


BF 3800

PS 14000



8000-14000 gph


BF 4800

PS 20000



12000-20000 gph


BF 3800 x 2 BF 4800 x 2


Lifetime limited manufacturer's warranty on enclosure.

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