EasyPro Eco-Series Pump Vault

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Model: PV60E
H: 24"   W: 14"   Weight: 32lbs
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Our Rugged and environmentally friendly PumpVault is versatile, easy to install and accommodates a wide variety of pumps . {Up to 5,900 GPH}. Designed for our popular "Pondless Waterfall" systems. It can be buried in a pit of gravel or used in conjunction with a grate system. Carries a lifetime warranty...........Indestructable!!!


EasyPro Eco-Series Pump Vault Features:

  • Ensure easy access to pump in pondless water features
  • Makes inspections/maintenance easier
  • Use flagstone or rock os cover for a seamless blend
  • Protects pump from debris


EasyPro Eco-Series Pump Vault Specifications:

  • 24" H x 14" Diameter
  • 100 gpm / 600 gph

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