Tadpole Pond Filter

H: 0"   W: 0"   Weight: 5lbs
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Tadpole Pond Filter

A Durable and Dependable Filter for Small Ponds and Water Gardens
or an Unbeatable Pre-Filter for Larger Ponds and Water Gardens

The Tadpole Filter is designed to be used as a pre-filter before the pump and your existing mechanical or biological filter. However, in small pond applications (such as Koi Ponds and Decorative Water Gardens) it can be used as a Total Pond Filter. Completely submersible and easy to clean, the Tadpole Filter is an effective solid waste filter when used in the deepest area of the pond. Position the Tadpole Filter as a pre-filtration device before the pump and mechanical or biological filter in larger pond filtration systems to increase the time between maintenance schedules and greatly improve the filter's performance. For total, small pond filtration or as a pre-filter on larger pond filtration systems the Tadpole Filter is a great addition for solid waste removal.

Recommended Filter Applications:

Use the Tadpole Filter as a Total Pond Filter in ponds of up to 1,000 gallons with light fish loads. Tadpole Filters make excellent pre-filters in larger pond filtration systems by capturing larger solid waste particles before they collect in mechanical or biological pond filters. Add a SMART UV Sterilizer to eliminate waterborne pathogens, viruses, algae, bacteria and protozoa for a beautiful, clear, healthy pond or water garden.

Tadpole Filter Advantages:

  • Internal Filter Pad for Trapping
    Large Solid Waste Particles

  • Re-Useable Filter Pad

  • Easy to Disassemble for Cleaning

  • Durable Filter Construction Resists Breakage

  • Barb-Fitting Inlet Port allows
    for Easy Installation

  • Fully Submersible

Tadpole Filter Installation

with SMART UV Sterilizer

The Tadpole Filter is designed to be utilized as a pre-filter to your external pump and existing pond filtration system, but it can also be used as the "total pond filter" in small pond applications. The Tadpole Filter is completely submersible and easy to clean for re-use. For effective small pond filtration it's hard to beat a Tadpole Filter and SMART UV Sterilizer System! The SMART UV Sterilizer must be positioned after the Tadpole Filter where it can receive solids-free pond water. This will provide maximum UV treatment, resulting in the optimum control of waterborne pathogens, viruses, algae, bacteria
and protozoa.

The diagram below shows the correct Tadpole Filter and SMART UV Sterilizer operating locations. For additional circulation inside the pond, increase the pumps size by 50% and create a water circulation By-Pass using a "Tee" and "Ball Valve" manifold. Use the additional flow capacity from the by-pass to increase circulation in the pond to help suspend solid waste. Be sure not to exceed the SMART UV Sterilizer's water flow rate.


*Pond sizes for Tadpole being used as a Pre-Filter

Tadpole Filter

Tadpole Filter

Tadpole Filter


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