EasyPro Eco-Series Melody Filter

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Model: WF29E
H: 25"   W: 32"   Weight: 101lbs
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List Price: $339.99


EasyPro Eco-Series Melody Filter is a great start to your waterfall.  It features both mechanical and biological filtration to help keep your fish healthy and your water clean. The Melody Filter comes complete with a life time warranted filter body.


The Melody Filter's actual weight is 45 lbs, but ships by dimensional weight due to its size.


EasyPro Eco-Series Melody Filter Features:


  • Spliner-Lock liner attachment design
  • 18" spillway
  • 2,500 gallon filtering capacity
  • Includes: 2 filter mats, 2" adaptor, spline and 2 mesh bags containing 4.50 cubic feet of Bio-Max Media with a total surface area of 2,417 square feet
  • 107 Lbs dimensional weight, (47 lbs actual).


EasyPro Eco-Series Melody Filter Specifications:

  • Maximum Flow Rate : 50gpm/3000gph
  • 22" L x 25" W x 21" H
  • Pond Size : 1800 gallons
  • Waterfakk Opening : 18"

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