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Are ponds are a lot of work to maintain?


Are ponds are a lot of work to maintain?


No. A properly designed and built pond is nearly self-maintaining. Ponds can be built in sun or shade, large or small. With the right skimmer filtration, most pond debris is automatically bagged and ready for easy removal. A biological filter with supplemental bacteria additions will clean the pond, letting nature establish an ecosystem that recycles fish waste and eliminates green water. Often problems stem from having too many fish, feeding them entirely too much, poor circualtion and filtration. Don't blame poor results with this type of set-up on ponds. Expecting good results form a bad design and uninformed approach will never give good results no matter what the product or situation. Do it right and ponds are great and easy to care for. Contact us beofre you "Ready, Fire, Aim" on your pond project. Don't try to re-invent the wheel, we've alredy made most of the mistakes. Let our learning curve work for you. Call us at (502) 245-8575 and let our pro's help you plan successfully.
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