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Dealing with "Green Water" algae


How do I get rid of Green Water in my pond?


Green Water or “Pea Soup” algae (Planktonic algae) • This algae effects water clarity so you can’t see through the water or to the bottom of your pond, “Yes, you should be able to”. Strong water circulation, properly sized filters, and the right water plants are important to controlling this type of algae. Overstocked fish loads and heavier feeding habits fuel this algae’s growth. Shade helps control it, sun triggers its bloom. • Rapid Clear is a fast acting algaecide designed to “clump” this tiny algae together and make it drop to the bottom of the pond. It typically works in 18-24 hrs. It may require a follow-up treatment 24-36 hrs. after the initial dose. Maintain good aeration while using this product. This product treats the symptom not the cause, but it is a great quick solution in many cases. • SuperBugs or Microbe-Lift are natural products called beneficial bacteria that eat the excess nutrients that are causing this type of algae bloom. These liquid bacteria colonize in your filter and throughout your pond surfaces “seeding” it with supplemental bacteria to help keep up with the demands placed on the water by the fish & feeding we do. • Biological Clarifier is a natural bacteria in a powder form that is often very effective at keeping water clear by maintaining a large colony of nutrient-eating, ammonia-converting bacteria. This product is also very helpful at degrading sludge build-up and maintaining a cleaner pond. Especially in rock-bottomed ponds or stream areas where waste likes to accumulate and can be more difficult to other wise remove. • U.V. lights sterilize green water algae. They do not treat string algae. They guarantee to clear water when sized & installed properly. For sun soaked ponds, bigger fish loads, and clear water expectations, a u.v. light may be a requirement. Does not help water quality, just clarity.
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