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How much fish food is too much for my filter?


How much fish food is too much for my filter?


Feeding has an impact on your filtration needs. Every day feeding compared to every other day will certainly equal more waste and filtration needs. Also, (1) cup of food is obviously the filter demand of (2) cups per day. Cheap food has more fillers leaving more undigested waste for the filter to deal with. High quality food is more digestible and leaves less waste. Using waste-degrading enzymes and bacteria regularly during the feeding season will help keep your pond cleaner and combat heavy feeding. 10-15% water changes every 7-14 days will also help during the most active months of the season, May-Sept. This is a dynamic question and/or answer based on several things. Generally ponds with simple filtration should probably only have the fish fed every other day, or less frequesntly. Just what the fish will consume in 5 minutes. Less is better. If you really enjoy feeding and want to do it daily or even more often we recommend you contact us to discuss your particular situation. Basic advice can only cover so much.
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