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How many fish can I have in my pond?


How many fish can I have in my pond?


Approximately 1” of fish for every 20 gallons, but this answer varies. Fish require more space as they get larger. So a 10” fish is not really equal to (2) 5” fish. Koi represent 3-4x the “fish-load” as they double in size. So (10) 12” fish are definitely more than double the load on a pond than (20) 6” fish. As they get bigger they need a lot more filtration and AIR. Aeration is greatly under-emphasized and is critical for healthy fish and a health eco-system. Waterfalls often do not make the pond water as full of oxygen as you may think. Aerators are for ponds are the wave of the future. Ask us more about this. (502) 245-8575
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